Sundance Second Round and GTD by Claudia Cifuentes

Excited to share that my latest script, BARILOCHE, has been selected for the second round of consideration for the 2020 Sundance Development Track.

I’ll be perfectly honest. Since have my second kid, finding the time to write has become super hard. Like how do parents do it? How do Moms do it? Anyway, through exhaustion and coffee I continue to pluck away. Sometimes I have a great week and spin out a few pages. Other weeks I don’t even crack open a draft. But ebb and flow. Ebb and flow, people.

To my writer/fellow parent friends, what’s your writing process look like? What are your favorite Getting-Things-Done hacks? I’d love to hear.

Hotel room in Soho where I hide from my children to write.

Hotel room in Soho where I hide from my children to write.

On pregnancy, filmmaking + procrastination by Claudia Cifuentes

I'm due to have baby #2 in a little over a month and I'm working hard to get the script for my next movie completed before he arrives. So what better time than now to start a blog, right? OK, yes, I don't have the time. But it's because of this time deficiency that I feel the need to at least brain dump little creative bursts here and there. Let's see how it goes. Here we go! 

Sh*t getting real today in an Ann Taylor loft dressing room.