"Bariloche" selected for Sundance Second Round by Claudia Cifuentes

“Bariloche” selected for Sundance’s Second Round of consideration for the 2020 Development Track. Written and to be directed by Claudia Cifuentes, the film is being produced by Pink Forest Films.


Five disconnected sisters set off an a road trip through Argentina to bury the ashes of their late Father in his hometown of BARILOCHE. His sudden death, and the respite from their fast-paced, seemingly-glamorous New York lives, lead them to reflect on forgotten dreams and loneliness, the struggles of motherhood and marriage, and the enduring complexities of sisterhood… all while trying to find the nearest Starbucks.

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Interview with Miami New Times by Claudia Cifuentes

Get ready to see yourself on the indie screen, Miami. After the Wedding, an independent film written and directed by Claudia Cifuentes — one of three sisters behind Pink Forest Films — will start production in the 305 this summer.

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Interview with Latina Lista by Claudia Cifuentes

Being that our parents are from Guatemala, it is important to us to make a film that embraces our Latin culture – but in a modernized way! WE BELIEVE THE PORTRAYAL OF LATINOS IN HOLLYWOOD NEEDS MAJOR UPDATING, and are really excited to be making a film about contemporary Latinos.

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